Quick & Easy Breakfast Oats🌱

Breakfast Baked oats

In my mind traditional porridge has such a bad reputation I just remember it as a lumpy unenjoyable gooey slodge, unless it was doused in tons of sugar… I’m now going to put this down to my own unexperimental and naivety towards the good ole oats.

After avoiding the baked oats trend for an extremely long time due to my outdated porridge views, I decided to create some porridge oat based breakfasts that I knew even I couldn’t turn down.

First of all I tried banana and of course my ultimate fave peanut butter. It was extremely easy to make and surprisingly was what initially changed my views on what I once considered to be a bland boring food.

I then went a bit more adventurous and decided dessert was totally acceptable for breakfast and made a Mocha inspired baked porridge – this was so bloody good that if I was served this as an actual dessert I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Banana oats recipe:

All you need to do is:

Place 5 tbsp of oats into an oven proof dish and mash half of a banana into it, then place half a tsp of cinnamon & the same amount of ground ginger. Then add just under 100ml of your face plant based milk. Mix all of this together and place a dollop of peanut butter in the centre. Bake this in the oven for 15 mins – I used gas 6. I then sliced the other half of the banana to serve and drizzled some maple syrup on top!

This was the result of the banana & peanut butter oats.

For the Mocha oats I used the same quantities of oats but instead mixed with half a tsp of instant coffee and half a tsp of coco powder. I then placed a dollop of Biscoff spread and some chocolate chips on top and Of course added the same amount of milk.

Here we have the mocha oats

These are such good breakfast ideas and were so tasty, I definitely recommend!!

If you enjoy what you see, remember you can check out my daily food posts over on my Instagram page @thediffveggie

Let me know what your fave porridge inspired breakfast is in the comments below 😋


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