Plant based primary school cake 🧁🌱

Ahhh school cake!!

Ahhh remember those school dinners and for dessert you would get that sponge traybake with lashings of custard??

Oooh it was so bloody delish, feeling a bit nostalgic yesterday we decided to transport ourselves back to primary school via cake.

Once again very simple to make and if I can do it anyone can, you only need a few ingredients and it’s just a whack em all in the bowl, mix and bang in the oven.

All you need:

275g of self raising flour

200g of caster sugar

A teaspoon of baking powder

110ml of vegetable oil

165ml of water

1 tsp of vanilla essence

Icing sugar


Whack all of your ingredients into a mixing bowl, mix away. Once your formed the cake batter pour that into your desired cake tin and smash it in the oven for 20/30 mins on gas 6. Once it’s looking golden pierce with a knife to check the inside is cooked.

Then make icing as per the recipe on the box, pour icing over cake generously and sprinkle over some sprinkles, then cut your cake and eat it all up, preferably with custard hehe!

Enjoy your feeling of being transported back to your school years, feel free to check out more of my food posts over on my Instagram @thediffveggie

Feeling those primary school years come flooding back


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