Chickpea chuna

So, since being veggie I had a craving for tuna I used to love tuna mayo with cheese on a jacket potato!!! Who doesn’t right?

Back before I started Veganism and I was trying my hand at being a veggie I bought some “TUNO” which I was super excited to try and well let’s just say I was severely disappointed and it just didn’t hit the spot.

So fast forward a few months and I’ve finally found something that hits that spot, chickpea chuna! It’s so bloody easy to make and is a killer topping for a baked spud or even layered thick let between two chunky pieces of bread!

I decided to serve my chickpea creation with baked sweet potatoes and it was a TREAT

All you need:

1 x can of chickpeas

2 x TBSP of plant based Mayo

1 x Dash of vinegar

1 x spring onion finely sliced

1 x can of sweet corn

1 x TBSP of nutritional Yeast

Place the chickpeas and mayo in a bowl and mash with a fork or if they are too hard use a hand blender lightly until you get the chickpeas looking flakey like tuna.

Place in your tbsp of nutritional yeast and turmeric along with your vinegar and mix in with the spring onion and sweet corn.

Then hey presto here’s ya chickpea chuna!! A lot of people do use nori sheets when making chickpea chuna, but for me it was better to avoid as even thought the packaging states it is 100% seaweed not all of them specify the filtration process that is undertaken to produce so I just avoid to be on the safe side.

Once again hope you try this quick and easy chickpea chuna recipe and be sure to follow me on insta @thediffveggie to keep up to date with my daily meals and keep in touch!


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