Veganuary, Papa Johns…

Even though I have been a veggie now for ten months this January I have decided to take part in Veganuary. At first, I thought it was a scary idea, I love eggs, cheese, chocolate and everything that’s bad for me a bit too much to let go.

It was time for a new challenge and if I could give up meat the rest should be easy right?  (let us see how long this mentality lasts.)

On New Year’s Eve I gorged on the foods that would be taken away from me in January just to make the goodbye that little bit easier. Waking up on New Year’s Day I was ready for this journey of veganism despite the hangover cravings of an English breakfast or even a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. This past and I decided to cook my first vegan Roast dinner! It was actually really nice and we used the cauliflower wellington which we managed to get in the post-Christmas sale at Asda for £1.50..Bargain! I desperately wanted more pizza though.

Saturday is takeaway night usually for us, but we weren’t sure if we would find suitable vegan options. Luckily, we remembered that Papa Johns does have a vegan menu! We ordered our vegan pizza feasts and waited eagerly for it to arrive!

papa johns feast

We ordered 2 x Vegan pizzas with our own toppings as well as a side of Potato tots and cauliflower wings. The takeaway came to £24.74 which is not too bad and after trying it I thought it was worth the money.

To me the pizza’s tasted just like ‘normal’ ones and the vegan cheese they used was gooey and delicious just like it should be, hoorah my pizza craving was satisfied! The cauli wings were also nice and crispy but soft on the inside which is just how I would expect them to be it was nice that they had a bit of a kick!

So, all in all my first vegan takeaway was really good but I couldn’t help thinking I could make it all at home for a fraction of the cost! So now my goal is to hit you with my vegan fake away for next takeaway night.

So yes, papa johns was great but I couldn’t help thinking it would be just as nice homemade and I also felt a bit lazy for ordering in on day two of Veganuary so that’s why I decided to post all of my new recipes and foods here!


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