My 41 pence Curry!!

Since becoming furloughed I have been keen to make dishes as cheap as I possibly can, when you are receiving only 80% of your salary it makes you realise that it is possible to make extremely cheap dishes.

Curry night is one of my personal faves and my usual go to recipe works out at only 41 pence a portion! That’s less than £1 to feed a couple, can you believe it? I do like to buy food on my weekly shop that can be used in other dishes as well to minimise food wastage this also then of course helps your cost per portion!!

41 pence a portion

As a veggie I would normally add either Quorn chicken pieces or paneer to my go to curry but the below is my vegan version!   

All you need is:

2 x Sweet potatoes (chopped)

2 x handfuls of Spinach ( I use a frozen bag which is much cheaper)

1 x handful of chickpeas

1 x Pepper (any colour diced; I use different ones each time depending what I have left over)

1 x Brown Onion (diced)

1 x tinned chopped tomatoes

Curry powder (I use a medium tikka but can be any of your liking)

1 x handful of mushrooms (quartered)

1 x tin of coconut milk

2 x Garlic Cloves. (finely chopped)

Rice to serve with

How I do it:

I normally pre boil the sweet potatoes as I like them to be mushy, if you want them to be harder then skip this. I then place the onions, mushrooms pepper and garlic into a saucepan with a splash of olive oil to help soften them up. Once browned I pour in my tin of chopped tomatoes and add my curry powder – you should add this to your tasting but remember to not go overboard with the curry powder at this stage as you will probably want to wait to add more after you’ve added your coconut milk. Then I add my coconut milk in small doses, the colour will look a bit strange at first but once you’ve stirred and added some more curry powder it should start to have that lovely orangey colour. Add more coconut milk to your tasting and don’t forget to put your pre boiled Sweet potatoes into the pan stir well and add your chickpeas and spinach at this point I always add some crushed black pepper I then put the lid on the pan and leave the curry to simmer. Whilst the curry is simmering cook your rice to your liking and by the time your rice is cooked your curry should be all ready to serve.

My 41 pence curry!


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