Wagamama for 43p anyone???

43 pence wagamama

So, in Wales we have been in lockdown 3.0 since before Christmas, I miss eating out and have wanted a Wagamama for a LONG time! Obviously still treating Veganuary very seriously I decided to make my own version of their katsu curry!

I touted around and found some ways I could mock myself up a Wagamama’s and I actually think this was a pretty decent effort. The ingredient list is simple, and it only came in at 43p a portion which to me is a winner!

All you need to copy this for two portions is:

2 x large Sweet potatoes

1 x spring onion

180g of self-raising flour

1 tsp of curry powder

Soy sauce

2 x teaspoons of Curry powder

2 x teaspoons of Plain flour

5 x tblspoons of golden syrup

To make this dish start by slicing the sweet potato into slices that are about 1-2cm thick. Then you want to put the rice you are choosing to serve with on to boil. Once the rice is cooking mix your 180g of self-raising flour in a bowl along with 250ml of water to form a batter. Once your batter is ready dip each slice of the sweet potato in to coat.

Once each slice is coated slowly drop them into a deep fat fryer. If like me you do not have a deep fat fryer then you can shallow fry them in a saucepan filled with oil, cook them in the oil for around 8-12 minutes until the batter is golden and crispy and the potato inside should be lovely and soft.

When the potato pieces are frying you can start cracking on with your sauce. Making a katsu curry sauce from scratch is quite simple. Place your plain flour and curry powder into a frying pan and drop in your golden syrup. Mix this to form a thick paste. Then add small amounts of water to form a sauce with a thickness to your liking, ensure you continue stirring as you add the water. One you’ve achieved the thickness you desire, add a few drops of soy sauce to darken your katsu sauce.

Voila your dish is ready! Assemble the rice, potato chunks and chuck some pickled salad/spring onions to serve with then pour the sauce over to your own preferred taste.

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 and only costs 43p. Your very own homemade Wagamama’s!!


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