Mac no cheese! for less than £1!!

Mac no cheese!

When looking for ideas on how I could have a creamy pasta dish as a vegan I was so surprised by the alternatives on offer! I did not want to use a jar of pasta sauce and decided it would be pretty simple to make my own version of Mac & cheese that was suitable for Vegans! This recipe was so simple anyone could do it!!

This recipe literally only requires 3 ingredients and is so so delicious, it is very rich though so I would suggest having a smaller portion than the one I tried to over indulge on!

All you need is:

1 x Large butternut squash

1 x veg stock cube

A handful of dried macaroni per person

Cut the butternut squash into pieces similar in size to a roast potato and place them on a pre heated roasting tin with olive oil and roast until they have crisped up a tiny bit but more importantly, they have become a bit more squidgy. You can season this with salt and pepper to your tasting if you like too. I try to avoid salt whilst cooking so go a bit over the top on the pepper.

Once the butternut squash is nearing its time roasting, place your dried macaroni on to boil.

Take the squash out and place into a bowl then add around 90ml of water and the stock cube. Once all are in the bowl blend with your hand blender to create a consistency that is similar to a thick soup. If you want your sauce thinner than feel free to add more water to your liking.

Drain your pasta and mix in with the sauce. If you want to you can eat it at this point but if like me you like it a bit more crispy and baked you can place the mixed pasta and sauce into a baking dish and smother the top with a vegan cheese alternative and bake until the top Is golden brown.

We served ours with a side of vegan garlic bread.

This meal was so simple and came in at a price of 92p a portion, absolute bargain that will definitely be made again in our house!


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