Fakeaway vegan pizza

If you can remember, I wrote previously about how Saturdays in our house are normally takeaway night and how on the first Saturday of January we dived into a vegan papa johns take away!

This week I wanted to recreate our own takeaway for half the price!

I was keen to save money and thought papa johns was a bit expensive and I knew I could make more for a fraction of the price if I just did a ‘fakeaway’.

So we headed to Aldi to try out their new Veganuary range as it had been praised all over social media. For our fake away we went for 2 x Aldi vegan pizzas one was spicy cauliflower and the other was a BBQ ‘bacon’ jackfruit flavour.

With our Pizzas I made some homemade wedges which is one of the easiest ways to use leftover potatoes to help reduce your food waste. We also tried some of Asda’s vegan popcorn ‘chicken’ and their cauliflower bites which have always been a favourite of mine since being a veggie and I’m so glad they are vegan too! Probably one of the best value vegan products they do!

We also thought we would give birds eyes sweet potato and carrot bites a go too! they were rollbacked to £1 in Asda so I thought it was a bargain, little did I know the sweet potato and carrot flavour was non existent and all you could taste was the most overpowering flavour of ginger I have ever experienced. I do not recommend these at all.

As for the Aldi pizza’s, I would probably go as far to say they were even better than the papa johns takeaway pizzas we had the week before. At £1.99 each they were well worth the money and I would happily purchase these again.

So, Aldi your pizzas are a winner from us! Well done you for mastering the art of a vegan pizza!



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