Homemade Vegan Pita bread.

Homemade vegan pita

I genuinely could not believe how easy it was to make homemade pita breads until I tried this! it was an easy meal to whack out onto a plate, it helped satisfy my greasy drunken kebab cravings that I used to get as a meat eater! The way we decided to serve our pitas worked out around £1.60 a portion which was slightly more on the expensive side of the meals we had this week believe it or not! The actual home-made pita breads themselves though cost pennies to make as there are only two ingredients, one of which is FREE!!

After making the vegan pita breads which were so simple, I will never buy overpriced shop bought pita bread ever again!

To make the Pita bread all you need is Flour and water, yes that is literally it!

To make (1) the bread place 80g of self-raising flour in a bowl along with 60 ML of cold water (add more or water or flour to gain the right consistency), mix until it forms a dough that can be kneaded on a work top. We added garlic powder to our dough but that is personal preference. Once kneaded form the dough into an oval pita shape.

Place a dry frying pan on a high heat and place your oval shaped dough onto the heat. Cook for around 2-3 minutes on each side until puffed up.

We served our home-made pitas with a salad, home made potato wedges and Asda’s new vegan kebab chicken style pieces. As far as the meat alternative goes it was a surprisingly good product and for £1.50, I think it was well worth the money. Of course, you can serve your pitas with whatever you fancy.

These are also a cheaper alternative than buying shop bought pita breads for lunches as they do literally only take a matter of minutes to whip up, use this recipe and it will seriously help your bank balance.

this is how we served our pita bread



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