Mamas Indian Takeaway! (vegan) Review!

Mamas Indian – Review!

We had been deciding on what vegan takeaway to try next, we didn’t want another vegan pizza as nice as they are, so we decided to go for an Indian!

After looking through some of our options on Just Eat we decided to go for Mamas Indian Takeaway! Ordering through just eat was as simple as ever and we ordered Vegan onion bhajis, sag aloo, Vegan pilau Rice, Vegan Garlic Naan, Vegan chicken tikka masala, Vegan Jaipur and chips. My mouth was watering at the thought of it!

It was a Friday night, and we did expect a bit of a wait time, we ended up waiting 2 hours for our takeaway to arrive. By this point I was very, very Hangry! But was extremely happy that the food was boiling hot! I was planning on taking separate pictures of each of the dishes we ordered but I was so hungry at this point that I just whacked it all on a plate! To be fair, all the items we ordered tasted so good! The fake chicken in the tikka was so nice and tender! And the Jaipur which I thought would be my east favourite item was so delicious and I will be trying that more often!

Despite the wait time, Mamas Indian Kitchen will now be one of my go to Indian takeaways! It was so tasty, and the food was delivered piping hot! I was overall really impressed with the food and the amount of food! It was also reasonably priced in comparison to other Indians in the area which is also a bonus!

Ps I apologise for the ketchup in the pictures, I am a freak and Ketchup belongs on everything!

So, if you’re looking for a vegan takeaway in Cardiff, this place is worth a try, I am sure you wont be disappointed!

If there is anything you think I should be trying next make sure you let me know!


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